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Control inventory shrinkage, bartender theft, over pouring and operational integrity using our professional bar spotting - loss prevention service.

Monitoring a bar's financials involves many activities - including keeping tabs on its inventory. The most constant aspect in the restaurant and bar business that every operator would like to achieve is controlling costs through loss prevention.

When operators don't seriously scrutinize bar activities, bartender actions may include giving drinks away, overpouring, theft, and serving minors. Without professional bar spotting, the odds of catching them is remote and may result in significant financial losses!

Contact us today to learn how you can protect your investment with "live" surveillance!

  • Specially trained and licensed private investigator bar spotters across the USA
  • Fully customized visit directives to match your operational procedures and specific concerns
  • Rapid results delivered securely via the Internet
  • Budget-friendly solutions for independent operators and major chains
  • Managed by professionals with decades of experience in your industry

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